If you’re on the fence whether or not to breastfeed your child, you should realize there are huge benefits of breastfeeding. Benefits for both you and your baby.

benefits of breastfeeding

So, What Are The Benefits Of Breastfeeding?

An Overall Healthy Baby

Nutrition experts and pediatricians have concluded that breastfed children have a reduced risk of catching viruses, colds, pneumonia and numerous other childhood diseases. Infants have a very weak immune system and are susceptible to a lot of health issues. Therefore, breastfeeding provides the right antibodies to the child to fight any foreign bodies that might cause diseases. Breastfeeding also provides the baby with long-term protection throughout his/her livelihood from diseases such as celiac disease, diabetes and much more.

Strong Bones For Both Mom And Baby

Studies have revealed that women who breastfeed their children have a reduced risk of contracting postmenopausal osteoporosis. A pregnant and lactating woman has a higher absorption rate for calcium. The same mineral is transferred t to the baby efficiently through breast milk. As a result, it strengthens the baby’s bones.

Less Weight Issues

Since a mother to a newborn baby has limited ways to lose the excess weight, breastfeeding is the best way to do it. Keep in mind that baby formula contains a lot of calories that might make the baby obese. Therefore, to prevent any weight issues for both mom and baby, breastfeeding is the answer. Studies have revealed that breastfeeding burns at least 500 calories every day. Therefore, it is a good way for the new mother to keep fit besides all the restrictions.

Better Healing After Delivery

It takes time for the uterus to heal completely after the trauma of giving birth. When a mother breastfeeds, oxytocin is released. The hormone is responsible for contracting the uterus and reducing the amount of blood loss after delivery. Research has revealed that with breastfeeding, your uterus goes back to normal after 6 weeks while for those who don’t breastfeed, it might take 10 weeks for it to heal completely.

Provides The Best Nutrients For The Baby

Breast milk is a one-stop shop for all nutrients that a baby needs to grow. It is the ideal nutrition for babies since it contains fat, proteins and vitamins, all of which are essential to proper growth and development of the baby. Of course, baby formula has tried it’s best to replicate breast milk but nothing comes close.

Excellent Bonding For The Mother And Baby

A new mother and baby need to bond and there is no better way to do it than breastfeeding. The skin to skin contact as well as eye contact is good for the baby to recognize the mother and feel secure. Therefore, every nursing session is a good time for the mother to feel closer to the baby and spend some quality time.

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