Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is home birth safe?

Yes!! Notice this landmark study from MANA. The safety of both mom and baby are of the utmost importance. By following the practice guidelines and regulations we strive to provide you with the safest and most comfortable home birth experience.

What do I need to have for my home birth?

There are minimal supplies required for a home birth. If you choose to have a water birth then you will need a pool liner, tarp, hose and hose adapter. Other supplies, mostly can be purchased at the dollar store. Shower curtains, garbage bags, towels, baby blankets, underpads ….etc. A more detailed list will be given to you in prenatal appointments as your due date nears.

Can I make payments?

Yes! I accept payments with requirement of the balance to be paid in full by 34 weeks. I also require the initial $400.00 retainer to be paid on the first prenatal visit, which is applied to the balance.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, I can! I am contracted as a “Mobile Birth Center” provider with a very experienced insurance billing agency. As my client, you will submit your insurance information to them, and they will do a free Verification of Benefits to help you understand how much coverage you can expect for your birth, they can also help you file an In-Network Exception, when possible. You are required to pay my fee by 34 weeks as a “retainer”, and you will be refunded the difference after your insurance pays (minus the out-of-network deductible and co-insurance), after the birth of you baby. Midwives are considered “out-of-network providers”, but many clients, even with higher deductible policies, get excellent coverage! Of course, HSA and Flex accounts, and Medical Sharing programs cover midwifery care as well.

What kind of care do you provide for me and my baby?

I provide in home well baby care for the first week. I provide six weeks postpartum care for both mom and baby.

Can I have a home birth if I have had a c-section?

Yes! A home birth is possible after a c-section, however, there are criteria and guidelines that must be met.

How do I get birth certificate and social security number?

I will file the necessary forms for both the birth certificate and the SSN with the state. The SSN will be sent directly to your home. Once you receive the SSN you will be able to pick up the birth certificate at the Vital Records office.

What about the mess?

The “mess” will be totally cleaned up after the birth. My assistant and I will make sure it is all cleaned up including putting the first load of laundry in. You will not even be able to tell you birthed in your home when we leave.

Please feel free to call me at 719-499-6231 or click HERE to contact me to set up your free interview to learn if a home birth is right for you.

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