What To Expect With Carmen Lackett As Your Midwife

There are so many choices as to where you can have your baby. It may be overwhelming to choose the best birthing provider for you.

I am a home birth midwife. My training and intent was only to practice in the home birth setting.

When hiring me you get comprehensive care, time to ask all of your questions, time to get to know me, time for your family to get to know me, time for you to discuss your hopes, plans and desires for your birth .

Basic Care – Is That Really Enough?

Comprehensive care means you are well taken care of and so is your baby . I will do routine care: blood pressure, pulse, weight checks, urine checks, lab work, listen to your baby, palpate your baby/belly, measure your fundal height .

These things should be done by any competent health care provider.  This comprehensive care can be finished in 10-15 minutes.

You certainly can have your baby, with this minimal amount of care, but many feel like they missed out once they realize what more personal and in-depth care feels like with your own midwife.

I Spend Time With You!what to expect

How does my midwifery care differ?


  • I spend the time with you to get to know you .
  • I spend the time with you to learn how your family works.
  • I spend the time with you to see how I can best join your family to help welcome your little one into the world .
  • I spend an hour for every appointment with YOU.  

An hour for you to choose what to talk about, to relax and let it be all about you, an hour to tell me about how you envision your birth, an hour to discuss protocols/informed choices, an hour to get to know me and me you.

Another difference is your postpartum care.

Not only do I care for you and your baby for the first six weeks after the birth but I come to your house three times in the first week .

Why? So that you can heal, mama! Your healing is important to me, so much so that I drive your way for our first three appointments in the first week.

No need to pack up your baby 24-48 hours after birth to get care. Stay snuggled up in bed and continue the oh so important bonding . Resting allows you to relax, slow bleeding, encourages your milk to come in, get used to having a new baby, bond and most importantly heal.  

Be Confident About Your Home Birth With Carmen

Our time together helps you feel more confident about your birth. Time allows us to discuss what tests are offered and why. Time allows us to explore what is offered to your baby in the first weeks of life. Time allows you to make informed decisions, not rushing into anything you are unsure of .

So what is the next step? Give me a call -719-499-6231. Let’s set up a FREE one hour interview to see if we are a good match .

If you want information and choices in your pregnancy and childbirth, then let’s talk. I think you’ll be amazed at the difference between the personal care from a certified midwife vs. a birth center or a hospital birthing experience!

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